1. press images for anthony collins

  2. press images for francis harris’ album ‘minutes of sleep’ 

    listen here

  4. XXL freshmen 2012, behind the scenes, nyc

  5. i used to shoot in a nightclub and it was very strange.

  6. jon, greenpoint, late last summer

  7. tame impala & the flaming lips, terminal 5, NYC


  8. greetings,

    it’s been too long, i know. life goes at supersonic speeds sometimes. i’m trying to slow it down with these photographs, but even that doesn’t help.

    this summer flew by, as always. i remember sitting on my stoop in brooklyn when i felt the first rays of heat and thinking that soon enough i’d be feeling the frail fingers of fall. she’s here again and soon she’ll rob us of our leaves; cleaning out the old to bring in the new. this year i’m excited for this change. so here’s to closing out a hazy summer, embracing a crisp fall and turning over a new leaf.

  9. birthday, september 21, 2013

  10. one day at burning man, saturday, august 31, 2013

    in dust we trust

  11. A video we shot with Wolf + Lamb and their Crew ((Love)) in Miami during WMC last month.

  12. roscoe, ny — winter 2013

  13. redwoods, california, december 2011

  14. grace, long beach, summer 2009

  15. gabby douglas, the surrey hotel, nyc